Yamaha RXA-70 Series

The ultimate experience in home cinema.

Yamaha's AVENTAGE range: RXA-1070, RXA-2070, RXA-3070, RXA-670, RXA-870.


The new range of high end AVENTAGE AV Receivers from Yamaha ushers in a new wave of technology aiming to again cement Yamaha’s place the world’s leading AV Receiver manufacturer. Continuing the ideal of your home cinema amplifier being for the centre of your audio world, not just for cinema sound. Use MusicCast to send audio all over your house, balanced audio inputs for high end stereo products and use the exclusive Cinema DSP modes to enhance your listening environment.

Yamaha developed a new CinemaDSP mode called ‘Enhanced’ targeted at enhancing Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio, increasing precision and spatial representation of the sound field. Yamaha’s CinemaDSP modes are based on sound field data from real venues all over the world and the new Enhanced mode is no exception. You can simply apply the CinemaDSP processing on top of Atmos or DTS:X by selecting the sound mode and this is available from the RX-A1070 and above.

The new AVENTAGE range all feature Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object based audio as standard, as well as support for older formats. There’s also Yamaha’s original CinemaDSP processing on board to make use of all the speakers in your setup regardless of the audio format. All those DTS and Dolby DVDs and Blu-Rays will still sound exciting and bring emotion to life with Cinema DSP.

Yamaha RX-A1070, RX-A670 and RX-A870 are 7.2-channel AV Receivers Yamaha RX-A2070 and RX-A3070 are 9.2-channel AV Receivers

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