Hoover UNP300R Unplugged vs. Dyson V7 Animal
Hoover UNP300R Unplugged vs. Dyson V7 Animal The Hoover UNP300R and Dyson V7 Animal are cordless, and both have unique features that make them powerful. This review is going to break down the specifications of each vacuum cleaner and hopefully aid you in choosing the right one for you. Hoover UNP300R Unplugged 30V Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Hoover has been going on for over a century, and is dedicated to developing and providing their valued customers with high quality products, including this award-winning vacuum cleaner. The UNP300R is part of the Hoover Unplugged series, and is known for its beautiful ultra slim red and grey design. Battery Life As this vacuum is an "unplugged" device, it is installed with a Nimh internal battery unit, which at a full charge can clean up to 60 minutes. Which is enough to clean an average size house, twice! However, to fully charge, it will take 16 hours. At the front of the unit is a very clear LED display panel with a battery status indicator, the four bars will keep you up to date with how long you have left before its next charge. So it doesn't die mid job. Weight This stick vacuum weighs only 3.8kg, and because of this, you can easily manoeuvre it around the home. It can lie almost completely flat, and with its swivel head you can get into most of the nooks and crannies and even the underneath of furniture that is slightly raised off the floor. Floor types The UNP300R has been created with a rotating brush bar, so it can clean both carpets and hard floors. If you wanted to change surface, look at the unit's handle that features a 3 way slider power switch: carpet, hard floor and a turbo button. The brush bar is easy to remove when it needs a quick clean so you can carry on with what you were doing. Turbo Boost The third option on the handle is the Turbo Boost mode, which helps you tackle those extra stubborn crumbs and give you an even deeper clean. Cordless Again, as this vacuum cleaner is "unplugged" you get complete freedom thanks to Cyclean Technology for outstanding performance. Bin Capacity This vacuum can hold up to 1 litre of dust and debris and any other things lurking on your floor, once full just give it a shake into the bin. Hoover's UNP300R has a long charge life and a powerful clean, if it's not strong enough then you can choose the Turbo feature for a deeper clean. It's ultra-slim and light, and can get even those hard to reach places thanks to the swivel head. And with its beautiful design and low price, there's no reason not to purchase this unit and test it out for yourself. Hoover UNP300R UnpluggedHoover UNP300R Unplugged
Dyson V7 Animal Dyson is a British technology company that creates and manufactures household appliances, including this V7ANIMAL Dyson V7 Animal is cord-free, hassle-free and has a powerful suction. And comparing itself to its previous model, the V6 cord-free vacuum, it has 75% more brush bar power than before, and provides you with additional tools for harder tasks. Battery Life This vacuum has a shorter battery life than the Hoover vacuum, coming in with only 30 minutes of run time. But to achieve a full charge, you only need to charge it for 3 and a half hours, which is a dramatic decrease from the UNP300R. This unit uses fade-free Lithium-ion batteries, even if the run time is shorter, you can be assured that suction starts strong and stays strong. Weight The V7ANIMAL weighs 2.2kg, it has been ergonomically engineered to feel light in the hand when you push it along floors or when lifted to reach those up high places. Modes This unit has been built to pick up anything, specifically pet hair that ordinarily doesn't seem to budge, and can also be transformed into a convenient handheld quick and easily. With this you can clean along the stairs, in a car or even on the sofa. For an extra bonus, the V7 ANIMAL is 50% quieter than standard cleaners. Max If the standard cleaning mode isn't enough to pick up everything, switch to max mode, which gives you 6 minutes of even higher suction power for extra stubborn bits of dirt. Bin Capacity This vacuum can hold 0.54 litres of dirt and dust, and once full you can use the hygienic dirt ejector feature that lets you tap it out the bin, without getting your hands dirty. Dyson's V7 ANIMAL has a powerful suction power, a max mode for an intense clean, a hygienic feature for those not up for getting dirty, and the ability to turn into a lightweight handheld to get in those hard to reach places. Yes, it is pricier, but you're guaranteed a brilliant clean every time. Both of these cleaners have amazing features. If you want a visually beautiful vacuum with LED lights, a long run time, and a large bin capacity then go for the Hoover UNP300R, or if you own pets and don't want to scare them to death go for the Dyson V7 ANIMAL that targets pet hair and has 50% less noise. Dyson does a more powerful motor however there is a massive price difference compared to the Hoover so the decision is yours ! Dyson V7 Animal
Dyson V7 Animal Hoover UNP300R
Battery Life 30 Minutes (6 Mins in Max Mode) 60 Minutes
Charge Time 3 and a half hours 16 hours
Weight 2.2kg 3.8kg
Bin Capacity 0.54 litres 1 litre

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