Bose updates Soundtouch speakers with AirPlay 2

Bose is bringing out a brand new firmware update with the addition of AirPlay 2 to nine more devices.

With the 24.0.7 Firmware update, it will grant owners direct control of music from IOS devices. The release adds direct control of selected music streaming services.

Last year, three Bose Speaker Systems got the AirPlay 2 update. With the Lifestyle 550, Lifestyle 600 & Lifestyle 650 home entertainment systems but now it is spreading to six more devices in the Soundtouch Range. The Soundtouch 10, Soundtouch 20 III, Soundtouch 30 III, SA-5 Amplifier, Music System IV & Soundbar 300.

Also Available in White

This update will roll out in phases and you may not receive the update until 25th February. “When the update is available for your speakers, log into the Soundtouch App and accept the update to give your Soundtouch devices AirPlay 2 Compatibility.

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