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Discover Bose Home, Personal Audio Systems and much more. Find the perfect product for you from our wide range of Bose Products including Bose Soundlink, Bose Soundtouch and Bose Headphones.

Bose produces some of the most sought after and innovative products in the world, using advanced technology and design to create connected Bose electronics from the headphones, portable speakers and wellness products.

Bose products are designed to help you reach your fullest potential. If it’s that extra push in the gym or the extra hours sleep that you need, come and visit our store online with Bose Online Shopping, for an extraordinary and lasting experience from some of the biggest fans.

With sleek designs and exciting new products, it's not just the sound that makes Bose an innovated design. Get your best Bose products and shop online within the UK to get one of the best goods on the market.

Why Bose® Innovate
Bose at electricshop.com - Why we innovate
Bose® have a simple mission: think of better solutions, create better products, help people enjoy the things they love. Everything they do supports this mission and points them forwards. It started when Dr Bose founded the company in 1964 and continues today with innovative, passionate employees around the globe.
And while it's true that they're a company built on scientific research, their vision is guided by human interests—how better sound affects us or what it means to find joy in products that work exactly how you want them to or why solid customer service isn't a nice-to-have, but a promise we keep.
But maybe the most important principle they live by is that innovation is not a destination, but a journey requiring new ideas from new players. So we invite creators, inventors, dreamers and talented people from all walks of life to bring their big ideas, passion and enthusiasm to Bose®. See how you can be part of their innovation.

Better sound is just the beginning. With One Goal to unite Bose to create products and experiences our customers simply if they want to hear more


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