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Claim your Cashback Now - Click Here

Step 1: Purchase a selected new 2019 Samsung QLED or selected UHD TV with a selected Soundbar between 11.09.19 – 05.11.19.
Step 2: Click ‘CLAIM NOW’ below and provide proof of purchase when prompted. Claims must be made within 30 days of purchase.
Step 3: Samsung will review your claim, upon validation you will receive an e-mail to confirm your personal details.
Step 4: You will receive 50% cashback off the invoice price of your Samsung Soundbar within 30 days of validation.
Televisions Soundbars Cashback Values up To:
Q950R  HW-Q90R  £749.99
Q90R  HW-Q80R  £499.99
Q85R  HW-Q70R  £399.99
Q80R  HW-Q60RS  £299.99
Q70R  HW-Q60R  £299.99
LS03R - The Frame  HW-R550  £149.99
LS01 - The Serif  HW-R530  £139.99
Q67R  HW-R450  £124.99
Q60R  HW-R430  £114.99

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