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Our affiliate program allows you to generate revenue from your website without having to worry about dealing with payments or merchant accounts.

In it's simplest terms, you place links on your website that go through to our website. These would show on your website as picture banners. When a visitor to your site clicks on these links and buys something from electricshop.com you will earn a commission on that sale.


How does it work


Customers click on banners hosted on your website which link through to electricshop.com. Once they have placed an order the information is added to your Affiliate Future account and your commission is calculated.


Who are electricshop.com


The company has been dealing with top brand name consumer electrical goods for over 20 years and is part of one of Europe’s largest buying groups with over ½ Billion pounds worth of purchases direct from Manufacturers or Primary Suppliers. Trust & Reliability are the main qualities of this company.


Why join the electricshop.com affiliate program


Becoming an electricshop.com affiliate is easy and FREE, all you need to do is create an affiliate account with Affiliate Future or Web Gains by clicking on one of the links below. Integrate the links into your website or pull product information from our comprehensive product feed. Affiliates earn commission on every sale transaction that is initiated through a link from their web site. By adding our banners to your website you provide customers with a richer experience, giving them access to one of the best electrical retailers online. With our large range of high end electrical goods and an average order value of over £350 you will be earning commission quicker than you think!.


How to Join


Joining the electricshop.com affiliate programme is easy! Simply:

  1. Sign up to your preferred network by clicking on the links below for Affiliate Future and Web Gains
  2. Add the provided links to your website
  3. Begin tracking your earnings!

You can find us on Web Gains here:


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