Freesat Box

Whether you are looking to watch digital tv, or want a easy way to watch your TV on demand. You have the added functionality of being able to pause, rewind or record shows. Then a Set top box is your answer.

Many Set Top Boxes perform with a range of functions and at there most basic they can pick up HD Digital TV Signals. Provide you with easy to navigate TV listings and offer instant access to on-demand catch-up TV services.

With the Freesat Set-top box, you can watch great shows from award winning TV shows. Find great entertainment with the freesat tv box and discover great listings from both forward and backwards in time. Their top TV picks for the week ahead, along with unmissable moments On Demand.
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Freesat UHD-X Freesat Media Players - Anthracite
  • Authorised Dealer
Freesat UHD-4X-500 Recordable 4K TV Box - 500GB
  • Authorised Dealer
  • Unbeatable Price
Freesat UHD-4X-1000 Recordable 4K TV Box - 1TB
  • Authorised Dealer
  • Unbeatable Price
Freesat UHD-4X-2000 Recordable 4K TV Box - 2TB
  • Authorised Dealer
  • Unbeatable Price
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