What is IMAX Enhanced

When going to watch a new film in the cinema, the best way to see your movie in the most recent years is the IMAX. With the big screens and the best sound experiences. It is easy to see why your movie experience would be improved by going to IMAX. Most of the time most of our films won’t always be in full IMAX screen. But what can we do in order to watch our older film in lifelike IMAX experience?

We introduce to you IMAX Enhanced, the latest technology that can help you bring that experience to the big screen in your own home. With your personal home cinema viewing experience.


Many companies out there have made a partnership with IMAX and DTS to bring you a high standard of films that have been upgraded to full IMAX view. Bringing you pure picture quality and home theatre sounds for performance. We at electricshop want to make sure that you experience the best audio and picture quality that you can experience in your home, so you have a home cinema experience to match.

From Sony, Denon, Marantz and more, they have signed up to attach the IMAX experience to their products, For this content to work you have to switch your IMAX mode on to get the content just right to have IMAX in your own home. Pair these AV Receivers and Sound Systems together to bring a personal cinema IMAX Experience so you never have to miss out on that full experience. With our selection of AV Products, you can put yourself a package or pick from our Handpicked Bundles to get you an IMAX experience you won’t forget.

At electric shop here are some suggestion AV Receivers you might want to invest in for a true IMAX Home Experience

Denon AVRX3600H 9.2 Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver Denon AVCX6500H 11.2 Channel Network AV Receiver in Black

When it comes to sound, the IMAX pairs up with DTS:X to deliver immersive sound through 7.2 Channels, pair this with Dolby Atmos and you have a home theatre and home cinema in one. For ease of use, just turn on 'IMAX Mode' to get volume levels that are set up for adjusting the sound for every scene from horror to action-packed thrillers. Make sure that the sound is optimum so that you don't have to adjust your sound system for every scene with automatic optimizers.

Make sure you plan ahead for 4K HDR IMAX. Even if your televisions isnt optimized for IMAX, it will play at the best quality possible. Switch the settings at will and control your set, to make sure you get the truest IMAX Mode Experience you can. Experience true expertise from your movies and feel like you are at the movies without leaving your home.

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