The SONOS Spring Promotion: Purchase a PLAYBAR Get a BRIDGE for Free
The SONOS Spring Promotion - Purchase a PLAYBAR

Looking to revamp your home audio experience? Thanks to the SONOS Spring promotion, you can get your hands on a SONOS BRIDGE for free when you purchase the brand new SONOS PLAYBAR. The PLAYBAR is an all-in-one-stand-alone player that allows you wirelessly stream content from your Media Library to your favourite radio stations, podcasts and shows.

Boasting 9 Class-D digital amplifiers, 6 midrange speakers and 3 tweeters, the SONOS PLAYBAR will immerse you in cinematic action, giving you the best possible home listening experience.


SONOS Bridge

From the 12th March to the 5th May 2014, anyone who purchases a PLAYBAR with ElectricShop will be given a free BRIDGE to connect to your wireless router.

Thanks to the SONOS PLAYBAR & BRIDGE quick and easy set up, you will be able to enjoy all of the action wirelessly in no time at all.

So check out the SONOS PLAYBAR on the ElectricShop website today, and take advantage of this great deal!

Free Spotify Premium Account

What's more, you will also be given a free 6 month premium account with Spotify, one of the world's best loved and most popular streaming services. With a catalogue of over 20 million songs from around the globe, it will change the way you listen to things on your PLAYBAR forever.

For More Information

For more information please visit the SONOS Website.

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