The New Hotpoint National Cashback Promotion: Change for the Better
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 22.01.26 16 million homes in the UK do not currently own a dishwasher and 8 million homes own an appliance that is more than 10 years old. These figures are the reason why Britain is the 2nd lowest country in Europe for energy efficient ownership. But all of that can change with this new campaign from Hotpoint. The Plan From April 10th up until May 28th 2014 Hotpoint will be running a campaign that will offer cashback to anyone who upgrades their old appliance for a new Hotpoint model. If the energy efficiency benefits and better specifications aren’t enough to tempt you into upgrading your appliances, Hotpoint will offer up to £150 cashback for anyone who upgrades to one of their models. The promotion is available on a wide range of Hotpoint Freestanding, Built-In & SDA Products. For more information For more information on the specific products that are included in the promotion please click here. For the Hotpoint appliances you can buy click here. By Adem Mustafa Copywriter and freelance blogger
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