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Dyson have just released their latest upright cleaner, the DC27 Animal. Designed to make vacuuming up pet hair easy this cleaner is also light and packs a powerful punch with a 1300W motor. Puuurfect for anyone with a pet, or small children!

Finished in silver and bronze the cable reaches over 9 meters. Dyson's trademark "Telescope Reach Wand" means you no longer need to struggle with your cleaner on the stairs. Just leave it at the bottom and the wand will stretch all the way up to the last step!

If a compact, but equally stylish and powerful cleaner is more your style how about the DC23 Animal? Contains all the features of the upright, but contained in a smaller package.

For those who like things to be even more compact why not take a look at this super small Re-Chargeable DC16 Animal, also great for pet owners. Despite it's super small size (and price) this hand held cleaner boasts a Motorised mini-brush head, a 200W motor and a battery indicator.

All of our Dyson cleaners come with a FREE 5Yr WARRANTY and FREE DELIVERY


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