Sony WF1000X Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones Also released in Sony's new 1000X Series is the all new WF1000X in-ear headphones, which like the rest of the series has unbelievable sound quality. It's hard to find in-ear headphones that are truly wireless and still have good noise cancelling power. However you can be assured that these are, as 'What Hi-Fi?' has rated the WF1000X's in-ear headphone's sound and comfort 5 stars. The Look and Build Sony has successfully packed a lot of features into these small in-ears: a 6mm dynamic driver and microphone are placed alongside each piece's battery and circuit. Now you can use the mic tool for much more than just answering phone calls, as now it helps with the WF-1000X's Google Now and Siri compatibility. Each in-ear headphone only has room for one button, so you're going to have to memorise the different functions of different clicks and holds, however these are quite simple to pick up, whether intentional or through random clicking. It has a minimal design and comes in two different colours: sleek black and elegant gold. It also has an ergonomic ear hook that keeps the in-ear 'phones in place, and the internal antenna and fitting supporter keeps the signal strong for constant uninterrupted streaming. Smart listening by Adaptive Sound Control This feature automatically detects what activity you are currently doing, like travelling, walking and waiting, and then modifies ambient sound settings to you. If you're travelling, then you can completely lose yourself in your music with no background music. Walking? You can be aware of everything around you like when you're crossing the road, or if you're waiting (at an airport for example) you can hear important announcements while you wait with minimised background noise. Sony's WF1000X in-ear headphones are flexible and work hard to adjust itself to suit your lifestyle. Ambient Sound When you turn on normal mode you can hear all essential background sounds, or turn on voice mode to ensure that you never miss another announcement. Or download the 'Sony Headphones Connect' app to find the perfect sound tone for every song from the presets (which you can customise further to your liking). Hands-free Simply click the button on the in-ear headphone and enjoy talking to your friends and family completely hands free. Power With the carry case, just place your in-ear 'phones inside and charge on the go. There is also a handy auto on/off feature that saves the battery when not in use. You can enjoy 9 hours of battery life, 3 hours of music playback and up to 9 hours of play time thanks to the chargeable carrying case. It's rare to find a pair of high quality totally wireless in-ear phones that have efficient noise-cancelling, however you can find this in Sony's WF-1000X in-ear headphones. Enjoy the full listening experience whilst being wire free. Sony_WF1000X_Wireless_Noise_Cancelling_In_Ear_HeadphonesSony_WF1000X_Wireless_Noise_Cancelling_In_Ear_Headphones
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