Roberts Revival Uno & RD70

The Revival Uno

Introducing the Revival Uno to the Roberts Revival family. This retro Fifties styled radio is more compact than the standard Revival so is perfect for smaller spaces. With two alarms for weekdays and weekends, the Revival Uno is also the ideal bedside radio for those who'd like to add a bit of style. Perfectly portable, the Revival Uno is both battery and mains powered, so you can take your music out with you into the garden or on a classic British picnic. Roberts Latest radios, Revival Uno and RD70 have a variety of colours to pick from! Roberts found inspiration in many things, including all that they love the most. From neutral hues to bright, punchy block colours, they were dedicated to selecting a collection that would suit every taste – and out of all the colours, songs and trends in the world, they’re so pleased with the final cut. uno_4 There was a grand total of 13 colour variants for this range, so they decided to consolidate them into what they believe is our greatest and most classic core colours. This would become the basis for our core colours in both the Revival Uno, and also our colour variations in the new Revival RD70. uno_1 The Revival Uno is the perfect bedside table addition. Hence why Roberts wanted to keep the more neutral colour tones to be in-keeping with a subtle bedroom look. But on top of this, they also wanted to feature bright and vibrant colours that add a splash of colour to your room, if that was your desired aesthetic. When Roberts established their classic core colours, they said it was time to be bold and have some really eye-catching colours in the mix – and this is how the Revival ‘Pop Colours’ came into fruition. uno_3_0 For these more daring hues, they looked to Pantone trends for inspiration, checking out what the next colour trends are likely to be and also which colours could add something fresh and different to their existing range. Yellow, in particular, is a bright, cheery and naturally eye-pleasing colour Roberts always wanted to reintroduce to the Revival, and the Revival Uno provided the perfect opportunity to do so. Along with yellow, they decided on pink, teal and purple. Roberts have named these colours as, Pink Cadillac, Yellow Submarine, Blue Monday and Purple Haze.

The Revival RD70

The Revival RD70 is the Revival reborn; with classic 1950s styling and hand-crafted acoustically-tuned wooden cabinet, the Revival looks and sounds better than ever. Now with the added benefit of Bluetooth, you can stream music from your smartphone to your radio as a stylish speaker. Also new is an intuitive full colour display which makes the radio's features easier to navigate. What's more, the Revival RD70 features two alarms and sleep & snooze timers, so you can wake up and drift off to your radio. The Revival Rd70 is available in Dove Grey, Black, Classic Red, Egg Blue, Leaf green and Pastel Cream. roberts_rd70_range
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