Panasonic Reveal Details of Their TV Range for 2014
Panasonic have just confirmed details of their new range of TV’s that are set to hit the shelves throughout 2014. Their extensive range spans from entry-level TV sets all the way to the amazing quality of 4K Ultra HD. Panasonic have also announced that they have decided to opt out from making any more Plasma screen TVs. Despite this move, the Japanese electrical giants have issued an assurance that changes to their engineering departments will mean their TV screens will have ‘unparalleled picture quality’. 3D 4K Ultra HD AX802 Sitting at the top of the list, this visual masterpiece will be available in 50in, 58in or 65in 3D 4K Ultra HD. TX-65AX802B-Product_ImageGlobal_Europe-1_uk_en Its key features include a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, Hexa Processing Engine PRO, 4K Intelligent Frame Creation, 4K Studio Master Drive, HDMI 2.0 inputs, 2000Hz backlight scanning and THX 4K Display certification. The AX802 also supports 4K playback from USB, SD card or other online sources. The twin HD tuners allow the AX802 to receive two separate HD programmes via cable, satellite or DVB-T and, can also record one of those channels to an external USB hard drive. Panasonic are also promising to offer a 4K TV channel with access to high-resolution content on demand. With all of this and more, the AX802 is definitely not to be taken lightly. Cover the Basics with AS802 Next in the list is the AS802, available in 47in, 55in and 60in sizes. Apart from its 1920 x 1080 resolution and lack of 4K Ultra HD capabilities, it is identical to its pricier sibling set. This cheaper version will be ideal for someone who cannot go for the 4K Ultra HD version but still wants to enjoy their viewing experience in quality and style. The AS802 is also equipped with the same touchpad remote features that you will find on the higher model. ‘My Stream’ Functionality With the AS740 & AS650 The AS740 will be available in four screen sizes varying from 42in to 60in, and the AS650 will be available in three sizes, varying from 42in to 55in. The AS740 comes with a built in camera and both of these models are dual-core equipped, 3D LED TVs with PanasonicAS740dual HD tuners (satellite and DVB-T), with streaming available to tablets or smartphones via the Remote 2 app, Panasonic Cloud, and also come with the same ‘My Stream’, ‘My Button’ and ‘Voice Assistant’ functionality that is available on the pricier models. ‘Voice Assistant’ Functionality With the AS600, AS500 & AS400 These entry level TV’s will be available in various sizes ranging from 32in to 50in. All versions are in Full HD apart from the 32in models which are HD-ready. All feature 100Hz Backlight Blinking image processing technology. Also, the AS600 and AS500 have integrated Wi-Fi and DNLA compatibility, and the AS600 additionally features the ‘My Stream’ and ‘Voice Assistant’ functionality from the more expensive models. Be sure to visit the website so you don't miss out on the amazing Panasonic TV deals which are currently running, and those which we have lined up for later this year. by Adem Mustafa Copywriter and freelance blogger
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