Premium 5 - Speaker system Why not have the home entertainment system? Lifestyle 600The lifestyle 600 home entertainment system is yet the best home system built by Bose. The black console has a 25.8 cm height x 40.59 cm width x 6.5 cm depth. The Lifestyle 600 and Lifestyle 650 home entertainment system has a strong but simple design to it. Even the centre channel was improved as it was purposely created wider than the others to give a better style to your TV. If you’re one that loves music, the SoundTouch is definitely your missing product! It contains a built in Internet radio and different verities of music services. For example, Spotify and Amazon Music and even the songs you’ve got in your music app. SoundTouch App gives you a better experience with your control on searching up music and going through your music at home. You able to stream instantly or decide to use the app. Keeping in mind, the SoundTouch App is FREE. Main features are included such as the remote’s SoundTouch LED which allows you to see what you’re listening to. In the Lifestyle 600 box you would find the console, 4 Jewel Cube speakers, Universal remote control, front speaker cable, 2 wireless receivers, 5 AC-2 adapters, HDMI cable, 4 AA batteries, 4 power cables, screwdriver, acoustimass wireless bass module and an owner’s guide. You won’t have to worry about setting up alone! Both Lifestyle 600 and Lifestyle 650 have Unify technology which will guide you through system setup.Lifestyle 650 The Lifestyle 650 also has the same measurements as the Lifestyle 600, 25.8 cm height x 40.59 cm width x 6.5 cm depth. It has curved glass and brushed anodized aluminium. The OmniJewel, Bose’s smallest speakers yet made, provides the incredible 360-degree effect sound. Although the bass is small and so is the OmniJewel speakers, it still delivers a high quality audio for your music and films. They’re known for making the small speakers with the biggest sound. Don’t miss out on an opportunity on getting the best possible experience. Both of the Lifestyle 600 and Lifestyle 650 each have ADAPTiQ calibration meaning it will calibrate itself depending on the room you’re in. Furthermore, both Lifestyle 650 and Lifestyle 600 use six HDMI inputs. It is definitely worth it. It looks simple and it sounds powerful. The difference between the two boxes are the speakers. In the Lifestyle 650 the speakers are 4 OmniJewel rather than 4 Jewel Cube speakers. If you need any further information please contact us on 01707802030 or visit
Bose Lifestyle 600/650 Bose Lifestyle 600/650
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