Marantz PM7000N Network Streamer Amplifier - Available Now

Bring the Hifi experience to your home with the Marantz PM7000N Network Streamer Amplifier. Pick up everything in one compact package, to give you access to loads of music streaming services.

With the Familiar Design of Marantz brings this Network Amplifier to life as it brings a wealth of features and creatives despite its appearance.

With this Streaming Amplifier, you can connect a pair of decent stand mounters or floorstanders with this streaming device, all you have to do is add a speaker system and the whole music library is at your fingertips.

Like the Marantz PM6006 Amplifier, it allows you to stream across different inputs via USB, Coaxial and Two Optical cables. You can stream across a USB Input to your music services, with this wonderful hifi system.

Along with this, bring in a Multiroom Setup with the HEOS Platform, and you can gain access to the networked music via internet radio and other music streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal or Amazon Music HD. And with this Network Streamer connect it from Apple Devices with Airplay 2 or the offline convenience of using Bluetooth.

Have a hands-free experience, with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri. Use the following commands to control your device's music, volume or more.

If you are looking for the perfect system for your Music. Then the Marantz PM7000N Network Amplifier is for you, as you can amplify your music and use the HEOS Streaming Platform to bring a network of Denon and Marantz to life. Get ready to Stream your device and listen to your favourite music all with the Power of Marantz.


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