Marantz NR1200

What is the Marantz NR1200?

Described as a Network Stereo Receiver, this amplifier fits into the pattern of products that are clearly aimed at customers who have had an AV Receiver & Speakers in the lounge for a few years but don't want to continue with speakers in every corner. It is much closer to the company's AV Receivers than it is the stereo amplifiers. With the most perfect archetype for this category. This two-channel meets the demands of former AV users.

With the NR1200, it contains a stereo amplifier that is spilt over A & B Speaker Terminals but these make use of the same amplifier stage.

The NR1200 contains a stereo amplifier that disposes of a claimed 75 watts into 8 ohms. This is split over A and B speaker terminals but these make use of the same amplifier stage. The amp itself is sufficiently close to the entry point of the Marantz range that some of the more bespoke features of the more expensive models are absent but lifting the lid reveals that the components in play are all of a more than acceptable quality.

This uses the HEOS platform which now provides the backbone for most Denon and Marantz products. HEOS is a combination streamer and smart platform, so an NR1200 can be used in the same house as another HEOS device, be it a smart speaker, AV receiver or soundbar and they will all appear in the same app.

Find out more about the Marantz NR1200 Stereo Amplifier and stream your music and songs in the comfort of your home

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