HEOS Subwoofer
HEOS SUBWOOFER This wireless subwoofer adds deep, powerful bass to any HEOS device with best-in-class sound quality. It suits any room and any setup. The new HEOS Subwoofer which is designed to work in perfect harmony with the entire HEOS range, from wireless speakers to the new AV products and the HEOS Amp/HEOS Link, adds powerful, deep bass to any set-up – wirelessly. This wireless subwoofer is beautifully crafted with a stylish matt black finish in a slimline package that can be used vertically or horizontally, allowing it to perfectly fit the personal specification of your room. Two custom-made 5-1/4inch (13.5 cm) drive units combine with sophisticated Class D amplification to deliver clean, room-shaking bass, while the slimline design can be used vertically or horizontally to suit your room - you might even be able to slip it under the sofa! Advanced digital signal processing optimizes the sound for each HEOS configuration, and there are also detailed settings available for more confident users – all accessed by the HEOS app that makes set-up simple. System integration features in the app provide a factory-optimised option for each configuration, as well as advanced settings for users that want more control in their unique listening environment. bg_insitu_sub BEAUTY RUNS IN THE FAMILY. Being a HEOS, the HEOS Subwoofer definitely puts in an appearance with its unique design and stylish matt black finish. You can place it anywhere in your room, thanks to its wireless connectivity – vertically or horizontally. BOOST THE BASS. The HEOS Subwoofer adds seismic bass to all your sound - wirelessly. With its powerful amplification and optimised drivers, this wireless subwoofer works with the entire HEOS range, from any HEOS speaker to HEOS Bar, HEOS AVR, HEOS Amp and HEOS Link. ALWAYS A PERFECT MATCH. You can combine the HEOS Subwoofer with another wireless HEOS speaker to give your sound more depth. Alternatively, you can pair it with the HEOS Bar and two HEOS speakers as rear channels. You'll get a fully wireless 5.1 cinema surround sound experience. CLEAR AND DISTINCT BASS. Two custom-made 5-1/4inch drive units in combination with sophisticated class D amplification deliver clean and clear, yet punchy bass. The proprietary DSP algorithms of the HEOS Subwoofer provide optimised low frequency response across the entire dynamic range. Within the HEOS App, you will find advanced settings for different configurations, like the dialogue enhancer and night mode features, which are integrated in the HEOS Bar. If used together, this wireless subwoofer automatically adapts to your settings. PERFECT SOUND MADE SIMPLE. Setup of the HEOS Subwoofer takes a matter of minutes. Simply connect it to your home network and any other HEOS devices and you can experience dramatic bass instantly. Control all your sound via the HEOS App. It‘s really as simple as that. GET THE AMAZING HEOS EXPERIENCE.

Pair the HEOS Subwoofer with any HEOS device you like and get room-shaking sound all around the house. Stream different music to different rooms or the same music to all rooms. Have it all at your fingertips with the intuitive HEOS App.

heos room sub KEY FEATURES
  • Dual Custom 5-1/4 inch drivers and sophisticated, high power Class D amplification
  • This wireless subwoofer can be combined with HEOS Bar, HEOS AVR, HEOS Amp, HEOS Link and any HEOS speaker (single or stereo pair)
  • Connect to your wireless network quickly and easily. HEOS Bar supports the latest 802.11 networks (including dual band „N“, „AC“) for the most reliable network connection
  • Factory-optimised crossover option for each configuration
  • Built-in HEOS network technology for access to the most important online streaming services, and stunning multi-room experience with other HEOS products
  • Advanced settings like crossover and phase for advanced users
  • Supports all major streaming formats, including high resolution audio: DSD (2.4, 5.6 Mhz), FLAC, WAV, ALAC (192 / 24), MP3, WMA, AAC File Playback (USB / Network)
If you need any further information please contact us on 01707802030 or visit www.electricshop.com
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