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Google Assistant Similar to Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant created by Google. Assistant was first introduced to the world as a part of Google's messaging app Allo, and its voice activated speaker Google Home. It has been so popular, that the platform has expanded to be installed on most of the newest models of Android phones and can now be installed onto iPhones via iOS. Right now it is in competition with Amazon Alexa. Below are some of the features of Google Assistant explained so you can decide what you like best. Questions? You can ask Google Assistant anything... anything. What time is it? What's 254 x 48? How do you say "Thank you" in Korean? Google Assistant will have an answer to every question that you ask. Do this for me. Tell it to do things for you, and it will. Tell Google Assistant to remind you to buy milk at the store, and it will. Set a reminder, make a reservation, tell it to send a message and it will. Nothing complex about it. Google Assistant is here to help you. Safe and Secure Whatever you choose to share with Google Assistant, is between you and it. You will always be in control of the information that you share. You can manage or delete any past conversations that you have had with Google Assistant. Home Life If you have technology around the house that support Google Assistant, you'll be able to control them with your voice. Tell it to turn down the lights, pre-heat the oven, check if the dishes are clean. Provided you have the technology in your house, you'll be able to control your whole house by using Google Assistant. Conversation Google Assistant has been created for you to be able to converse with it. This is beneficial when you're looking at booking a table at a restaurant for example, you can ask what Chinese restaurants are in Soho, and when you pick one ask what time it opens or any other question, and be able to book a table all in the same conversation. Or if you're feeling lonely, you can have a full conversation with it to hopefully cheer you up. But if you don't want to look like a weirdo talking to your phone in the middle of the road, you can use the keyboard to type your questions and then Google Assistant will respond out loud. Fun and Games You can get Google Assistant to tell a joke, sing a song, play some games, rap for you and many other fun things, so you don't have to be bored for any longer. Ever Evolving

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Google Assistant is coming to more locations as it further develops, the Assistant will arrive in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan, and is going to be adding Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean and Spanish over the course of the year. Over time we will see Google Assistant becoming available to more and more devices. Also, like said above, Google Assistant has recently been released to iPhones through iOS, and is in serious competition with Apple's Siri. There is also talk of a new Google Assistant enabled app called Google Lens, it will change how we see the world, look forward to its release.

Google Assistant is always looking for ways to improve itself to make itself convenient for you to use. It has been created to help you with everyday life, to remind you to do things, help you with your questions, or be your friend (but not in a weird way). There is no wonder why it's sweeping the nation, and with all the new updates that it is scheduled to get later this year and every update afterwards we can expect amazing things from this service.

Products with Google Assistant:

Polk Assist

QuietComfort® 35 II

Sony LF-S50G

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