Free LG Earbuds with Selected LG TVs

'Refresh your Sound'

Purchase selected LG TV's between 27th January - 9th March 2021 and you will receive a Free set of LG Earbuds

Qualifying Televisions for the LG OLED TV:

The most innovative technology in TV. In contrast to LED TV technology that uses backlights, LG OLED screens pack self-lighting pixels which means they work independently to emit their own light.

The LG GX OLED TV Models are designed to hang on your wall just like art, adding that touch of beauty to your room. It sits against the wall and delivers exquistite viewing quality from every angle

Watch movies the way they should be – absolutely breathtaking. With Dolby Vision IQ, screen brightness, colour, and contrast are intelligently adjusted for content and lighting conditions. Dolby Atmos delivers three-dimensional immersive sound to make you feel as if you are right there inside the action

With Fantastic Televisions for LG OLED TVs, find the perfect LG OLED TV for your living room and experience the high quality that is OLED Television




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