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Television has entrenched itself as an integral part of the lifestyle, transforming into a lasting companion for your household over the years. Unlike a standard kitchen appliance, selecting the perfect TV warrants careful consideration. Our comprehensive TV Buying Guide is dedicated to ensuring that you make the right choice, recognizing that before you immerse yourself in countless hours of viewing pleasure, it's crucial to invest a little time in selecting the ideal TV.

Unravelling the intricacies of 4K TV, weighing the worth of OLED, examining the contrasts between OLED and LED, and ultimately determining the TV that aligns with your preferences – our goal is to demystify and simplify this process. We focus solely on the essential details you need to know, filtering out the noise and emphasizing the vital elements.

In the end, we can't determine the best TV for you. However, our aim is to equip you with the knowledge necessary for making that decision.

For a quick reference, we've prepared a TV Buying Guide Cheat Sheet to simplify the process. If you're short on time, make sure to take a glance at this.

Here are the Eight fundamental points to consider when purchasing a TV:

  1. Prioritize 4K (Ultra HD) resolution and ensure it supports HDR for unparalleled picture quality.
  2. Embrace the concept that bigger is indeed better. An investment in a larger screen size, combined with 4K technology, guarantees a breath-taking, immersive viewing experience.
  3. Upgrade to a high-quality HDMI cable to optimize the transmission of data, enabling you to witness every pixel in its full glory.
  4. Enhance your sound system, acknowledging that the built-in speakers on modern TVs often fall short in delivering a satisfying audio experience.
  5. Opt for a trusted brand, with LG, Sony, and Samsung standing out among the competition due to their proven track record in delivering quality products.
  6. Purchase your TV from an authorized dealer to ensure access to the manufacturer's warranty, comprehensive service, and ongoing support.
  7. Alternatively, streamline your decision-making process by selecting one of the Top TVs of 2023, ensuring that you own one of the finest televisions available on the market today.
  8. Seriously consider upgrading your audio.

Embracing our 8-step approach can simplify the process of finding the ideal TV for your specific requirements.

Step 1: Establish a realistic price range. Remember, a higher investment often yields more advanced features and superior performance.

Over the past 3-5 years, TV prices have plummeted significantly. Presently, even a budget of less than a thousand dollars can afford you a premium 42-inch 4K smart TV loaded with an array of impressive features. Expanding your budget can grant you access to a similar model boasting a screen size of 65 or 75 inches, coupled with an exhaustive list of cutting-edge features. Keep in mind that a higher budget guarantees deeper blacks, enhanced contrast, a broader colour spectrum, and, most notably, a larger screen. You can also take advantage of our Buy Now Pay Later TVs without breaking the bank.

Step 2: Select the ideal TV size. Modern standards advocate for a bigger screen.

Previously, the size of your TV was often determined by the dimensions of your family sofa. However, contemporary TVs have redefined these conventions. Presently, the consensus among experts is that larger screens provide a more immersive experience. Contemporary TV designs have shifted from bulky, unappealing structures to sleek, ultra-thin frames that seamlessly blend into your living space. With sizes ranging from 32 inches to an astounding 100 inches, the options are endless.

For instance, Samsung's Frame TV seamlessly transitions from a piece of art to a stunning 4K TV, while LG's Gallery TV, with its ultra-slim profile, resembles a work of art adorning the walls of a prestigious museum.

Insights from our team:

The latest TV mounting options allow for seamless wall attachment or clever fireplace positioning. This minimizes space usage and visual intrusion. Opt for a larger TV when mounting to avoid the need for bulky furniture.

Note that a 65-inch TV offers more than twice the screen area of a 42-inch one. This diagonal measurement principle is crucial to consider when upgrading to a 65 or 75-inch screen for a cinematic den experience.

A common regret among TV buyers is choosing a small size. If a 55-inch TV fits, a 65-inch one can likely complement your space and bring greater satisfaction.

Step 3. Decide between OLED and LED - An Unbiased Comparison

Both of these display technologies are impressive, but one clearly outshines the other.

Let's simplify things: OLED, despite being pricier, reigns supreme in the world of picture quality. It's a conclusive statement. To clarify further, while OLED dominates the visual contest, a decent 4K LED TV still offers an outstanding viewing experience, equipped with the same smart TV functionalities found in OLED counterparts. Moreover, 4K LED TVs come with a lower price tag compared to OLED TVs, potentially leaving extra funds in your budget for a high-quality soundbar or an immersive surround sound system.

Initially, plasma made its entrance (although it's now extinct). Following that came LCD (liquid crystal display), which was exceptional but had significant limitations. Subsequently, LCD technology evolved, giving us LCD/LED TVs, or simply LED TVs for short. Nowadays, most TVs fall into the LED category. OLED TVs (organic light-emitting diode) arrived on the scene, and lastly, there's something known as QLED, which is just Samsung's label for their premium line of LED TVs and now done by Hisense & Sharp as well.

Step 4: Opt for 4K Resolution

Choose 4K resolution for superior picture quality. With 6 million more pixels than regular HD, the difference is undeniable. 4K and Ultra HD are essentially the same, both boasting higher pixel density for a sharper and more lifelike viewing experience.

Previously, HD standards were the norm until 4K revolutionized the industry, offering four times the clarity. With enhanced upscaling technologies, even regular HD content appears significantly better on a 4K TV, unveiling the full depth of digital data.

From streaming services to gaming, the future is geared towards 4K. While the disparity in picture quality between 4K TVs may vary, the investment is worthwhile for those planning long-term use.

Despite the allure of 4K, there are instances where a standard 1080p TV suffices, particularly for smaller screens. Ensure HDR compatibility for an even better visual experience.

Step 5: Negligible TV Specifications

Two TV specifications, refresh rates and contrast ratios, are now insignificantly differentiating factors in the selection process. High refresh rates contribute to smoother visuals, while contrast ratios, inconsistently rated across brands, can be disregarded during comparisons. High-quality TVs these days typically come with superior refresh rates and impressive contrast ratios, rendering these specifications less critical in your decision-making process.

Step 6: Embrace the Streaming Era with Cutting-Edge Smart TV Features

The prevalence of Smart TVs is now a norm, signalling an era of advanced entertainment consumption. As streaming becomes increasingly prevalent, a Smart TV proves to be a game-changer, offering diverse benefits, including:

  • Liberation from cords through seamless wireless functionality and control, paving the way for a cable-free viewing experience, thanks to the integrated streaming apps such as Netflix, Prime, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video.

  • Seamless integration of various media formats, enabling the display of personalized content like home videos, photos, and music from your smartphone or computer directly onto the TV screen.

Step 7: Optimize Your TV Setup for Quality Viewing

To enhance your entertainment experience, prioritize your choice of HDMI cables and ports. Here's why it matters:

Cables: Despite ongoing debates, quality HDMI cables do make a difference. In our stores, we see that premium AV cables transmit signals faster, accommodating evolving technology's greater bandwidth demands. If you've invested in a high-end TV, don't skimp on cables – it's like putting cheap tires on a Ferrari.

Ports: Ensure your TV has a minimum of 4 HDMI ports to accommodate various devices. For 4K Ultra HD TVs, check HDMI 2.0 support for compatibility with current 4K devices. HDCP compatibility, especially HDCP 2.2, is crucial, as some 4K devices lack backward compatibility.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Many modern TVs support Bluetooth, ideal for using Bluetooth headphones. This enables a private viewing experience and can enhance dialog clarity, perfect for the hearing-impaired.

Step 8. Seriously consider upgrading your audio.

When embarking on the quest for a new TV, it's easy to overlook the significance of sound quality. However, no cinematic journey can be truly complete without exceptional audio. In today's era of ultra-thin televisions, audio quality can sometimes be compromised. To address this, we've highlighted a couple of cutting-edge features that are bound to revolutionize your auditory experience.

  • Dolby Atmos for Immersive Sound Step into a realm of unparalleled audio immersion with Dolby Atmos. This advanced technology reimagines the auditory landscape of your favorite sci-fi adventures or period dramas, delivering a three-dimensional, full-surround sound experience. Feel the pulse of the action and the richness of every scene like never before.

  • Elevate Your Audio with Soundbars No home cinema setup is truly complete without a high-quality soundbar. These sleek devices have the power to elevate your movies and shows to new heights with earth-shaking sound. For an even more profound impact, we highly recommend opting for a model equipped with an additional subwoofer. These robust additions will infuse your action-packed extravaganzas with deep, resonant bass, ensuring a genuine cinematic experience.

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