Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker Bose have released their brand new series of wireless speakers - the SoundLink Micro speakers. They are compact in size, but don't let that fool you, the sound quality produced is unmatched in any other speaker this size. The Look and Build Being a part of the Micro series, obviously they are small in size. The dimensions of these are 9.83cm x 9.83cm x 3.48cm (H X W X D) and the material used to build the exterior is silicone rubber. The use of this high quality material gets rid of as many seams and gaps as humanly possible. Silicone rubber can hold up against dents, scratches and cracks so it's no wonder why it is so reliable. Attached to this is a silicone strap that you can strap onto anything to make this speaker truly portable. If you're on a hike, strap it to your backpack. Similarly if you're on a bike ride, simply strap it to the handlebars. But don't worry if you're not the adventurous type, these speakers are great for just chilling around the house. These speakers are available in three different colours: black, midnight blue and bright orange. To achieve such a loud sound, Bose added their custom-designed transducer and silicone passive radiators to ensure sound that is unchallenged by any other speaker this size. Waterproof Nearly all of us has had that heart-stopping moment when you drop something you're not meant to into water and start panicking about how you're going to get it repaired. No more do you have to experience this fear as Bose has made a way to guarantee the speaker still works no matter how many times it gets wet. Bose use a silicone exterior to create a seal around the technology on the inside, so it'll work the first time it gets wet and all the times after that. If it falls in the bath, the pool, even the ocean, just pick it up and hit play again. Battery This speaker can give you music that is deep, rich and full of life. You can play music on the SoundLink Micro for up to 6 hours, all the while still getting a booming bass. Speakerphone The dreaded speakerphone. No one likes it. They can't hear what you're saying and you can't hear what they are saying, everyone gets irritated. But, with the Micro, you can get calls through the speaker, so you can actually hear what they are saying without it sounding muffled or distorted. Voice Commands No worries if you don't have your phone to hand, you can press and hold down the multi-function button to get access to the voice input for your phone's Siri, (or Google Assistant for you Android users) right from the speaker. Bose Connect app Control your SoundLink Micro speaker's Bluetooth connections when you download the Bose Connect app. In the app, you can switch devices so you can let your DJ friend go wild with their choice of music. Along with this, you can set the speaker to Party Mode and connect another SoundLink speaker to boost the volume even further. Furthermore, you can change it to Stereo Mode where instruments and vocals naturally separate, breathing new life into your favourite songs. Voice Prompts Voice prompts talks to you via Bluetooth pairing. You have the ability to connect two devices if you want, and the speaker can remember the eight most recent connected devices for convenience. The all new Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speakers pack a powerful punch for its small size. You will find no other speaker with the same high sound quality within this size range, and Bose crammed a lot of amazing features into them. So there isn't any reason why you shouldn't buy them and experience the fun. Bose_SoundLink_Micro_Bluetooth_Speaker_BlackBose_SoundLink_Micro_Bluetooth_Speaker_Bright_OrangeBose_SoundLink_Micro_Bluetooth_Speaker_Midnight_Blue Interested? For more information, click here.
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