Bosch A-rated Laundry with 5 Year Warranty and Free Detergent

Promotion Alert: Get Your Bosch A-Rated Laundry with 5-Year Warranty and Free Detergent!

Are you tired of laundry woes? Look no further! Bosch brings you an exclusive promotion on Bosch A-rated washing machines. From May 8th, 2024 to June 4th, 2024, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Bosch A-Rated Washing Machines: Choose from our selection of energy-efficient Bosch washing machines. These appliances are not only gentle on your clothes but also kind to the environment.

  2. 5-Year Warranty: When you purchase an eligible Bosch A-rated washing machine during the promotional period, you’ll receive a 5-year warranty. That’s peace of mind for half a decade!

  3. Free Detergent: But wait, there’s more! Bosch wants to make sure your laundry experience is top-notch. When you buy a qualifying washing machine, you can claim 12 months’ supply of Ariel or Fairy Laundry Detergent. That’s right—free detergent for a whole year! 🌟

How to Claim Your Free Detergent:

  1. Purchase an eligible Bosch A-rated washing machine from the list provided below.
  2. Keep your purchase receipt handy.
  3. Visit Bosch’s redemption page and fill out the claim form.
  4. Submit the completed form by July 15th, 2024.

    Eligible Bosch A-Rated Washing Machines:

    Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer! Upgrade your laundry routine with Bosch and enjoy clean clothes, energy savings, and peace of mind. Visit today and make your purchase. Happy laundering! 🧺🌟

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