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Wharfedale Diamond 11CC Centre Speaker in White

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Wharfedale Diamond 11.CC Centre Speaker in White

Wharfedale Diamond 11CC Centre Speaker, the smallest of the two centre speakers. Match with any model in the Diamond 11 Series to truly make your home cinema system.

What is new?

With the large magnet designs, bring a next level suspension to work in tandem with the Kevlar Cones. These features are crafted in house to deliver a impressive performance at this price level.

A High-calibre texile domed tweeter showcases a ceramic magnet and shaped rear chamber. With a crossover network, they have been able to accomplish thousands of hours of listening tests

The Cabinet walls, have differing density making sure that the acoustic characteristics, bring a brilliant standard of finish. Improve acoustic performance along with the speaker’s aesthetic qualities. Bringing an improved version of Wharfedale’s slot loaded port with integrated bass.

Detailed Cabinet Construction

Pioneering the cabinet has been part of Wharfedale’s design ethos since the early days of founder Gilbert Briggs experimenting with different materials. With the tradition of bringing different qualities of wood at different densities, this is to minimise the features of the cabinet sound which improves the overall musical performance.

With the walls been braced and combined with the curved shape of the Diamond 11 Series, it lessens the resonances more than 25dB below the driver outputs.

With special internal fibre due to its brilliant absorption qualities, you can enjoy the sound performance of unblemished and unwanted panel vibration.

Brilliantly Accessible

Included Design Elements never previously seen at such accessible price points


Configuration   2-way centre speaker
Enclosure type Bass reflex
Bass/mid drivers          2x 100mm woven Kevlar
Tweeter           25mm textile dome
Sensitivity        87dB
Recommended amp power     25-100W
Nominal impedance     8 Ohms compatible
Frequency response    85Hz-20kHz
Cabinet volume            5L
Dimensions (HxWxD)   145x420x138mm
Weight (each)  5kg
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