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Techlink 710482 Wires Nx2 Hdmi/Hdmi Horizontal Swivel 2.0 Metre

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Techlink 710482 Wires Nx2 Hdmi/Hdmi Horizontal Swivel 2.0 Metre

The HDMI swivel cables are ideal for the latest ultra-thin televisions where access to the HDMI connection ports is restricted and you have to bend your current cables sharply, which could interfere with the A/V connection. We offer swivelling HDMI cables in vertical and horizontal orientations; both iterations offer 180o rotation and flexibility to ensure a perfect signal transfer.
Use to connect Blu-Ray/DVD Player/Apple TV/Games console to an HDTV or Monitor for High Definition digital video and multi channel sound.
High Speed rated exceeding 18Gb/s data
4K at 50/60Hz (2160p)
Optimised for all HDMI 2.0 devices
Supports all 3D TV formats and 4K UHD displays
Up to 7.1 channel digital surround sound
100mb/s Ethernet connectivity
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