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Sebo 91540GB Automatic X7 Pet ePower Vacuum Cleaner in Black with Free 5 Year Guarantee

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Sebo 91540GB Automatic X7 Pet ePower Vacuum Cleaner in Black 

‘IER Awards Best Floorcare Product of the Year 2018’


‘Flooring Innovation Award Winner 2018’


The Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower, with the computer control system within this vacuum cleaner it optimises performance. Ensuring that the brush is always at the correct height for use and long carpet life.


It protects the machine for example, it shuts down if there is a blockage of the motor. Other Practical features include features of the AUTOMATIC X7 Pet ePower which is the cassette style brush roller removal and the integrated wand for extended reach.




The Computer Control System, optimises the performance by ensuring that the brush is always at the correct height for use. By shutting down the motor when there is a blockage it protects the machine from damage. And bringing in a integrated wand for extended reach.




With the high performance motor and the computer control system paired with the air flow design it brings outstanding cleaning results.




Crafted with the highest quality of materials, the SEBO is always testing before it leaves a factory. Making sure that you get the best Sebo has to offer and that you are confident in what we as a company can do.




10 m cable

5.3 Ultra Bag

Computer Control System

Anti-Allergy Design with the British Allergy Foundation Approval

S-Class Filtration

Nozzles for Crevice and upholstery

Cleaning Head 31cm

Cleans flat to the floor

Maintenance cassette brush

5 Year Guarantee

Cassette brush

11m cleaning range




Colour: Onyx Black

Construction: High Grade ABS

Cleaning range: 11m

Filterbag volume in machine: 5.3l

Cleaning head width: 31cm

Body weight: 7.4kg

Suction motor: 890W

Computer Control System: Yes

Performance Boost button: Yes

Electronic motor/belt protection: Yes

Powered height adjustment: Yes

Integrated hose and wand: Yes

Stair cleaning hose: Yes

Motor protection: Yes

Filterbag change indicator: Yes




Air-tight system: Yes

Filtration: S-Class

Ultra-Bag: Sealable. Electrostatic microfibre fleece

Activated carbon odour filtration: Yes




Crevice and upholstery nozzles: Yes

Dusting brush with clamp: Yes

Stair & Upholstery Turbo Brush: Yes


Floor Suitability*


Cut Pile Carpet*: Yes

Wool Loop Carpet*: With optional delicate floor brush fitted

Hard floor*: Yes


Pet Hair*


Carpet*: Yes

Hard floor*: Yes

Stairs and Upholstery*: Yes


*This is a general guide only. Correct floor head/setting/brush roller must be used. If in doubt consult SEBO Customer Services, or your flooring supplier.

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