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iRobot Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot
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iRobot Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot

Wet mops and dry sweeps your hard floors to tackle daily dust and dirt, leaving a gleaming finish. 

Smart - Cleans multiple rooms using the NorthStar Navigation System, including under furniture while avoiding stairs and other drop-offs.

Simple - Just attach a cloth and press a button to get cleaning.

Clean - Dry and damp mops your floors to reveal their natural shine.

Braava 390t Features:

It keeps track of where it has been and where it needs to go.
Expanded coverage.
Works on hard-surface floors, including tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminate.
Pro-clean system.
Just press and go.
Fast charging with Turbo Charge Cradle.

Maintain gleaming hard floors, every day, the easy way.
Keep you floors maintained clean, dry-or damp-mopped on any hard-floor surface with disposable or microfibre cleaning cloths.

It is designed to mop floors quickly and efficiently, the new iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot systematically covers your entire floor in a single pass. It's so easy to use. Just attach a cloth, put the Braava down and press a button. Uses advanced robotic technology to track where it's been and where it needs to go. 

Easy to use

Cleaning cloths are easy to attach and remove as it's got a removable magnetic multi-purpose cleaning pad. 
Attach a cleaning cloth and put Braava down. Then select cleaning mode.
Quiet enough to operate without disturbing your daily activity or sleep.
When finished cleaning, Braava returns to where it started and powers down automatically.
Charging cradle provides sleek, compact storage and charges Braava in just 2 hours.

Cleans hard floor quickly, systematically covering the entire floor in a single pass

Uses specially designed miscrofibre cleaning cloths or disposable cleaning cloths. 
Works on all hard-surface flors including tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminate. 
Dry mops for up to 4 hours (up to 93 m2) using dry cloths to pick up dust, dirt and hair.
Damp mops for up to 2.5 hours (up to 33 m2) using special mopping action and damp cloths to lift surface dirt and grime. 
Reservoir cleaning pad dispenses liquid during cleaning cycle, continually refreshing the microfibre cloth with fresh fluid.
Retains a map of its cleaning space while powerred on so you can replace the cloth mid-cycle without missing a spot.
Braava's shape and navigation system enable the robot to cover the entire floor.

Advanced robotic technology automatically cleans your floors

The NorthStar Navigation System works like an indoor GPS keeping track of where Braava has been and where it needs to go.
Cleans under furniture and other tight areas.
Cleans dust and dirt along walls, skirting boards and edges.
Avoids stairs, area rugs and raised transitions to carpets.

What's In the Box
1 Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot
NorthStar Navigation Cube and “C” batteries
Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pad
2 Microfibre Dry Mopping Cloths
2 Microfibre Damp Mopping Cloths
Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad
NiMH battery, 2000 mAh
EU Adaptor
Turbo Charge Cradle
2-year manufacturer's limited warranty on robot, 12-month manufacturer's limited warranty on battery
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