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Hotpoint TCFS83BGG 8kg Aquarius Condenser Tumble Dryer

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Hotpoint TCFS83BGG 8kg Aquarius Condenser Tumble Dryer

The Hotpoint TCFS83BGG UK Freestanding Tumble Dryer comes in a stylish graphite finish to complement any setting and features and 8kg drum capacity. This appliance is designed to protect your garments and features some of our newest care technology. Features include the Fibre Care option, which has been specially designed for delicate clothes and, with the press of a button, automatically adjust settings so that the lowest temperature is being used for a longer duration to ensure a thorough but gentle dry; Anti-Tangle technology, which uses a reverse tumble action to ensure that your clothes dry evenly and without tangling together to keep them looking better for longer; and out Anti-Ageing technology, which utilises an innovative wave drum design to lift clothes softly on a cushion of air to help maintain their natural softness and colour. This appliance also includes a large without emptying, and our Purse Filter, which has a simple design making it  easy to remove and empty without getting covered in fluff! 
Fibre Care
At the touch of a button, Fibre Care option automatically selects a lower temperature setting designed to pretect more delicate fabrics so your clothes are kept looking great.
8Kg Capacity
Sensor Drying
Ore ' Set and forget' drying system uses sensors to monitor moisture and temperature levels inside the dryer and automatically stop when it reaches the chosen level of dryness. Models available with 3, 5 or 7 sensor levels to save energy and keep your clothes in tip top condition.
Anti Ageing
Our innovative wave design drum and lifters make sure your clothes are gently floating on a cushion of air to keep their natural softness and colour.
Large Capcity Water Bottle
Our new water bottle is larger than ever so you can get through more loads with less emptying.
Purse Filler
Its simple design makes it easy to remove a empty without getting covered in fluff, and makes the machine more hygienic.
B Energy Rating
Sensor Drying - 3 LEvels
Anti Ageing
Large Capacity Water Bottle
Anti Tanlgle Technology
Delay Timer
Purse Filter
High & Low Heat Setting
Timed Tumble Drying
Key Information
Max Dry Load - Cottons (Kg): 8.0
User Interface: Led
Display includes "Time To End": N
Motor: Standard
Drum Capacity (l): 112
Weight (Kg): 36.9
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D / Minimum Installation Depth: 850 x 595 x 610
Package Dimensions (mm) Height / Width/ Depth: 890 x 640 x 670
Built in or Freestanding: Freestanding
Energy Efficiency Class: B
Energy Consumption (kWh) - Cotton Cycle (Full Load): 4.49
Programme Time (mins) - Cotton Cycle (Full Load): 163
Noise Emissions (dB) - Cotton Cycle (Full Load): 69
Drying Programme
set and Forget Sensor Srying: Y
Times Drying: Y
Anti Allergy Cycle: N
Baby Delicate Cycle: Y
Gold Care Woolmark Programme: N
Bed & Bath Programme: N
Duvet Programme: N
Refresh Cycle: Y
Shirts Programme: N
Jeans Programme: Y
Silks Programme: Y
Easy Iron: N
Cuddly Toys: N
Lingerie Cycle: N
Heat & Enjoy: N
Active Wear: N
Eco Cycles (Cottons, Shirts, synthetics): N
Dark Cycle: N
Standard Cotton: Y
Turbo Dry: N
Heat Pump Technology: N
Crease care: Y
High & Low Heat Setting: Y
Anti Fluff: N
End of cycle alarm: Y
MyCycle Memory Function: N
Delay Timer: Y
Pause / On-Off: Y
Selectable Child Lock: N
Technical Features
Reverse Action Drum: Y
Wave Effect Drum: Y
Mains Drain Option: Y
Smart Valve Water Bottle: Y
Glass Door: N
Empty Water Indicator: Y
Clean Filter Indicator: Y
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