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Focal Dimension Soundbar True 5.1 System

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Focal Dimension Soundbar True 5.1 System
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Focal Dimension Soundbar True 5.1 System

The Focal Dimension Soundbar True 5.1 System, is dimensional soundbar with acoustic qualities has adapted to flat screens. Bring natural sound dialogue and quality sound that is clear this soundbar is capable thanks to the five ultra-flat speaker drivers.

The integrated audio system brings powerful sound, it offers you these bringing you images and sound that you deserve to fill immersed.




Natural High Definition Sound

Dialogues are intelligible

Coherent reproduction of the frequency spectrum

Optimal for different positions such as wall mount or on furniture


Remote Control with improved functionality


An Easier Integration


With a small thickness of 65mm, this compact Dimensional Soundbar, it perfectly fits into your room, with the configuration of your acoustic installation. This device can be easily installed onto a wall or TV cabinet.

When connected with its subwoofer, the dimension and dimension sub become one making the perfect union of sound base for your flat screen. It can be connected with the Sub Air, Cub3 or Dome Subwoofer.


Innovative Technology


A wide dynamic range, with its 26 mm ultra-flat speaker drivers to bring optimal coherence. With high frequencies, it’s clearly defined and coherent high frequencies become the center of the speaker drivers and the shape of the inverted dome. They enjoy clear and natural sound dialogues. The soundbar benefits from incredible deep bass, even without the use of a subwoofer. These two pairs of speaker drivers are used for reproducing bass, bass reflex and loading with two ports on the sides of the soundbar.

No vibrations will interfere with the sound, the exceptional rigid Dimension’s brushed aluminium mono.


Plug and Play


The Dimension can be connected to a smartphone or tablet for listening to your audio or video files. With the optional Bluetooth aptX universal wireless receiver.

The potential HDMI connectivity and CEC command to control your entire home cinema system.




Reference: Dimension

Item code: EHNMBSD101

Packaging Dimensions (LxPxH): 4741⁄64" x 817/64" x 817/64" (121 x 21 x 21cm)

Net weight: 10kg



Type 5-channel sound bar


Speaker drivers 5 ultra-flat speaker-drivers made of paper cones - 315/16" (10cm)

Integrated amplification 6-channel 450 Watts

Frequency response (+/- 6 dB)

Soundbar alone 50 Hz - 25 kHz



2 x HDMI™ (OUT/IN)

Digital Optical Toslink

Analogue 3.5 mm Jack


Subwoofer outputs

Dimension Sub Out: Powered output dedicated to Dimension Sub

Sub Line Out: Low-Level output compatible with all amplified subwoofers




HDMI ARC™ (Audio Return Channel)

HDMI CEC™ (Consumer Electronics Control)

Auto Power on HDMI™ inputs

Adjustable bass

Adjustable Sound and Picture synchronisation

Night mode

Optimum acoustic integration through settings on the rear panel:

Soundbar positioning

Room acoustics

Sweet spot


Soundbar on furniture (Width x Depth x Height)


451/4"x41/2"x41/2" (115.5 x11.5x11.5cm)


Wall mounted Soundbar (Width x Depth x Height)


451/4"x29/16˝x515/16" (115.5 x6.5 x14.7cm)




12lbs (5,5kg)

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