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Denon DM41 RCDM41DAB Micro Hi-Fi CD Receiver in Silver with Monitor Audio Monitor 200 Floorstanding Speakers in Walnut

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Denon DM41 RCDM41DAB Micro Hi-Fi CD Receiver in Silver with Monitor Audio Monitor 200 Floorstanding Speakers in Walnut
Denon RC-DM41DAB Micro Hi-Fi CD Receiver in Silver
Denon RC-DM41DAB Micro Hi-Fi CD Receiver in Silver
Denon RCDM41DAB Micro HiFi CD Receiver in Silver



With the Award winning RCDM40DAB, the new RCDM41DAB has improved features across the board ranging from sound, style and facilities. With the implementation of Bluetooth it combines the convenience of wireless connection and the off switch to reduce influence from sound of other sources when it is not in use, the amplifier circuit reduces signal paths to give a better clarity and impact coming from various devices With the cosmetic change to the design, the RCDM41DAB has two digital optical inputs which can be used to connect a TV, a Set-top Box or other digital gear to give the audio quality it deserves by being improved. With the Add of the SC-M41 Speakers, you can get the most out of the full DM41DAB system for HIFI sound.


High power output with Analog Amplifier Circuits:

THE RCDM41DAB has enough power to drive the matching SCM41 Speakers or other devices. A dedicated headphone amplifier is used for personal listening. With the different design, from styling and facilities right through to how the audio circuitry, it is made to improve the performance and value.


Simple & Straight circuit design for sound purity

With the popular M Series, that gives a high sound quality based on the concept of ‘Simple and Straight’. The Overall circuitry of the system has been revamped, with signal paths been short and influences that were adverse to the overall sound quality have been minimised. The way the chassis has been built to ensure that the sound is faithful to the original performance


Noise Reduction Design

The Triple Noise Reduction Design that was made to preserve the signal purify, has been made to the Denon RCDM40DAB. With the audio components of circuits, boards and wire layouts which can influence each other, the sound specifications have simple been strengthened to power the amp circuit. Denon has removed three sources of noise to ensure that sound is as pure as possible, minimising any distortion created. From the input selector and electronic volume, it has been suppressed to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and product smoother dramatic sound.


Instant wireless streaming from Bluetooth

Instant wireless connectivity with smartphone, tablets and computers along with wireless streaming services for music connectivity are all available with Bluetooth been integrated into the Denon RCDM400DAB.

Enjoy premium sound in your home in any environment

With the size of 210 mm width and 310 mm depth (including the speakers) it allows for a easy setup on a bookshelf, bedroom, or home office. It blends into your lifestyle bringing great performance at the same time.


High quality power output - 2 x 30 W
CD Compatibility: CD / CD-R/RW / WMA / MP3
Tuner: DAB / DAB+ / FM (RDS)
Tone Control: Bass / Treble / Balance
Sleep Timer
Programmable Timer: Once / Daily

Analogue In/out - 1 / 0
Digital Optical In / Out - 2 / 0
Subwoofer PreOut
Speaker Terminal: Screw Type
Headphone Out

Power Output (6 ohm, 1kHz) - 30 W
Number of channels - 2
Freq. Response (Analogue In) - 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Receiving Range Band III
Frequency Range FM - 87.5 Mhz - 108.0 MHz

Remote Control - RC-1162
Power Consumption in W - 70W
Standby Consumption in W - 0.3W
Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm - 210mm x 308mm x 115mm
Weight in kg - 4.0kg
Monitor Audio Monitor 200 Floorstanding Speakers in Walnut Including 5 Year Warranty
Monitor Audio Monitor 200 Floorstanding Speakers in Walnut Including 5 Year Warranty
Monitor Audio Monitor 200 Floorstanding Speakers in Walnut

Monitor Audio Monitor 200, these floor-standing speakers with their slender design. Make these stylish for any room. These Monitor 200 are the smallest floor stander in the range and are designed to deliver a stunning sound in small to medium-sized rooms. With the addition of the bass driver for scale and power, they have the precision for a two-way speaker.

These two 5.5” MMP II drivers combine to provide powerful, punchy bass lines. Crossed with the C-CAM Tweeter, the mid-driver gives off a higher frequency, resulting in perfect phase.

The Monitor 200 are equipped with outrigger feet, this gives it a sleeker design and takes up less floor space with improved stability of the speaker.


Classic Monitor Audio Speaker Design

Translucent MMP II (Metal Matrix Polymer) orange driver cones

Easy to drive with lower power amplifiers

Derived from Monitor Audio’s award winning Bronze Series, Black C-CAM dome tweeter

Delivered a compact bookshelf, floor stand model together with larger bookshelf and floor stander to complement larger rooms and higher power applications.

HiVe II technology for an improved transient response and tighter bass with a smoother airflow.

Outrigger feet on floor standing models that deliver a compact appearance and takes up less floor space.


System Format

21/2 Way

Frequency Response

40 Hz – 30 kHz

Sensitivity (1W@1M)

88 dB

Nominal Impedance

8 ohms

Maximum SPL

112 dBA

Power Handling (RMS)

120 W

Recommended Amplifier Requirements

30 – 120 W

Cabinet Design

Dual chamber, rear ported bass reflex with HiVe II port technology

Drive Unit Complement

1 x 51/2" MMP II bass

1 x 51/2" MMP II bass mid-range

1 x 25 mm black C-CAM tweeter

Crossover Frequency

LF: 650 Hz

MF/HF: 2.2 kHz

External Dimensions (Including Grille (H x W x D))

850 x 174 x 299.3 mm (337/16 x 67/8 x 1113/16")

External Dimensions (Including Grille and Feet (H x W x D))

873 x 215.4 x 309.8 mm (343/8 x 81/2 x 123/16")


10.82 kg (23 lb 12 oz)

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