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Sanus ELM4900 HDMI Adaptor

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Sanus ELM4900 HDMI Adaptor

The SANUS ELM4900 90° HDMI adapter allows you to easily make HDMI connections in tight spaces. Its connector is 75% shorter than typical HDMI connectors, making it perfect for use behind mounted ultra-thin TVs. The adapter delivers high-speed Internet connectivity to compatible devices and works with 3D TVs and components. It also supports 10-bit, 12-bit and 16-bit color depths for deep, accurate colors. Also known as ELM-4900


Switches the angle of HDMI connection 90° for flexibility when space is limited

Delivers high-speed Internet connectivity to compatible devices.

Connector 75% shorter than typical HDMI connectors, allowing use behind mounted ultra-thin TVs

Works with 3D TVs and components

Supports 10-bit, 12-bit and 16-bit color depths for deeper, more accurate colors

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 46 x 213 x 8.6 mm
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