Great American Sound

In 1972 change was everywhere. In our appearance. In our attitude. In our music. It was an era when the live show evolved into a milestone, selling out stadiums and inspiring a new generation with a mindblower of a soundtrack. Our founders set out to capture the wonder of the live concert experience and bring it home. Throughout the decades since, we've continued making speakers to elevate all aspects of sound-in movies, TV and music-to provide you with the ultimate listening experience that's always accessible.

The Sound Masters

Building on countless hours spent researching all things sound at the most respected institutes in the country – and putting those ideas to action inside of every product – our engineers have always believed that to uphold sound’s highest principles, how Polk listen matters just as much as the tools Polk use to measure and test everything they make.

Everything we hear matters

The people at Polk who craft your speakers are same ones honing their chops in front of a live audience as lifelong musicians, or mixing and editing sound scores for special projects, or devoting time at home to really listen to each Polk speaker and give them the ears and attention they so rightly deserve.

Engineering with insight

Because listening is our ultimate pleasure and the answer during those crucial moments in the lab when we’re stacking ourselves up against our storied past-whilst meeting the needs of audio’s future - ensuring that what you get from Polk is tried, and always profound.

Design with Passion

Enjoying Polk's rich, warm, lifelike sound means you get a look that embodies those same qualities. When Polk put their eye for design to the test, success means aligning with the vision of our lasting legacy. Rounded forms, natural tones, plush leathers, machined metals, resonance-free enclosures, high-performance composites, and other hand-selected speaker materials, keep inviting you back with every listen, reflecting a history rooted in mid-century American design.

A Genuine Approach

Polk believe in design that hearkens back to the cornerstone of our accomplishments. Care, pride, love, form, function-the way Polk see it, each one enriches the other. So the Polk speakers in your home live up to the sound we're known for.

Calling All Ears

What's more, we've always got you covered when it comes to great sound. Whether you're looking for home theatre speakers, subwoofers, sound bars and more, you can find it all right here.

The Look That Loves You Back

So movie night with the family remains unforgettable. So your next house party always rocks. So whenever you listen, the sound you hear comes from a speaker of beauty and integrity, whose look and feel is built for the greatness of a life well-lived. 

Because when you love what you do for more than 40 years… it shows.

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Polk Assist Bluetooth Smart Speaker with the Google Assistant Built-In in Black
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  • Free 2 Year Warranty
Polk MagniFi Mini Home Theater Sound Bar System Two Year Warranty
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Polk MagniFi 2 High Performance Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Chromecast Built-in
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  • Unbeatable Price
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Polk Signa S3 Universal TV Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer System with Chromecast Built-in
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  • Free 2 Year Warranty
  • Available for Pre Order
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