Announcement Samsung 2020 TV Range

With New Samsung TV’s arriving every year, 2020 is no different. With a handful of new Samsung sets, we have heard even more about the latest and greatest iterations of televisions from Samsung in the months since.

This Guide will run though each new Samsung Televisions announced for this year. With the latest technological advancements in the 2020 range.

With the first thing that you need to know is that the Samsung 2020 TV Range has now launched, with New QLED sets arriving first, with 8K QLED TVs with Q950TS, Q900TS, Q800T. Along with Five other alterations with Q60T, Q70T, Q80T, Q90T, Q95T.

After those QLED Samsung Televisions announced, keep an eye out for the new Samsung 2020 Television, The Frame TV.

We’ll be updating this Samsung TV 2020 guide as we learn about more models

Samsung Q950TS 8K AL OLED

With the Q950TS, an expansive 99% screen design and top of the range AL Processing, as well as an innovative OTS+ surround sound speaker system

Find out more about the Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED

Samsung Q900TS QLED TV

Available in 65 inch, and 75 inch

With the next step down from the Q950TS flagship, this set features the same multi-dimensional OTS+ Audio and High End 8K HDR Picture.

Samsung Q800T QLED TV

Available in 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch, and 82 inch.

With it being the cheapest 8K QLED Model, it also comes with OTS+ Audio.

Samsung Q90T QLED TV

Available in 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch

The Flagship of the 4K QLED TV for 2020. With its features of simplified object tracking sound speaker system, as well as ultra-viewing angle technology to help keep colours rich and contrast high even when the Television is displayed from the side.

Samsung Q80T QLED TV

Available in 49 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch and 85 inch.

With direct backlight, this 4K HDR TV is a smart step-ip from the Q70T and Q60T Models. With Samsung’s object tracking sound speaker array for immersive sound.

Samsung Q70T QLED TV

Available in 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch, 82 inch and 85 inch.

Through an edge-lit QLED set, it's Quantum Processor 4K and glowing reviews

Samsung Q60T QLED TV

Available in 43 inch, 50 inch, 58 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch and 85 inch

With it being the cheapest QLED, the Q60T should offer a more mid-range performance than the other QLEDs in the range, with edge lighting rather than full array and less advanced processor than its siblings.

Samsung The Frame TV 2020 Model

Available in 43 inch, 55 inch and 65 inches

The Frame TV already exists, as a great-looking lifestyle model for those wanting to give their television a real touch of class – even if it’s at the expense of other areas. The Frame line got upgraded with a QLED panel in 2019, and 2020 will see it get a new ultra-small 32-inch size and larger-than-ever 75-inch size too.


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