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Did you know that all Energy Saving Trust Recommended washing machines have to meet strict criteria to qualify? Energy Saving Trust Recommended washing machines need to be AAA rated:
  • A for energy efficiency
  • A for spin efficiency
  • A for wash performance
Energy Savings Trust also set a maximum level for the amount of power Washing Machines are allowed to draw while in 'standby'.

How the savings add up

If everyone in the UK replaced their old washing machine with an Energy Saving Trust Recommended model over £11 million a year could be saved from our energy bills!

Look for the logo

Always look for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo when you purchase your washing machine or dryer. It's your guarantee that these products are the most energy efficient in their category, will cost less to run and help prevent climate change.

More energy saving ideas

You can also save energy by washing at lower temperatures - washing clothes at 30oC instead of a higher temperature can use around 40% less electricity. Modern washing powders and detergents work just as effectively at lower temperatures so unless you have very dirty washing, bear this in mind. Another easy energy saver is to always wash a full load. A half load setting usually uses more than half the energy of a full load setting, so by doing two half loads you'll use more energy than doing one full one. Always remember to switch appliances off standby when you have finished using them. Incredibly, £1 billion worth of energy is wasted in the UK every year by people leaving appliances on standby.

Top Tips for the perfect wash results:

Sort your clothes by colour, wash temperature and fabric type. Always follow the care instructions on the label. Separate lightly soiled clothing from heavily soiled garments. Also, separate fabrics that may shed lint and delicates such as lingerie or tights from the rest of your wash. Check for money, tissues, pens, lipstick and other loose items which may have been left in pockets and remove them. Set your washer to the appropriate water level for the size of the load. To conserve energy, wash full loads. However, be careful not to overload your washing machine. Leaving space for your clothing and detergent to move freely in the machine ensures that stains and soil will be removed from your garments. If you are washing your clothing in cold water, use the appropriate type of detergent. Some detergents do not work as well in cold water as they do in warm. Remove clothes from the washing machine and dry them as soon as the wash cycle has completed. Read the label on each garment carefully and follow recommended drying procedure.

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