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90 Days to be amazed with HEOS by Denon


(1st March 2015 – 28th May 2015)


We invite you to experience HEOS for 90 days without RISK! We’ll be amazed if you don’t love it, but in the unlikely event you don’t - just bring it back to us within 90 days for a refund. Simple!

The following terms and conditions apply to the 90 Day Risk Free Trial:
  • Valid only on the HEOS3, HEOS5, HEOS7, HEOSAMP, HEOS Extend and HEOS LINK products purchased between from participating retailers, for a limited time only.
  • Valid only for qualifying HEOS purchases made in United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden and Denmark
  • 90 days begins from the date of the actual HEOS product purchase
  • Products are required to be returned to the retailer or retailers where originally purchased
  • The retailer will issue the refund for qualifying returns to the customer
  • Proof of purchase/ receipt must be available for verification
  • Products must be returned in the original packaging and packaging must be in good condition (i.e. not damaged)
  • Products may not be damaged (scratched etc.) and in new, original condition
  • All accessories be must be present (remotes, wires , manuals etc)
  • If customer returns a HEOS product that is necessary to qualify for another part of the HEOS 90 DAYS TO BE AMAZED promotion, the customer may not participate in the other parts of the promotion unless customer purchases a subsequent qualifying product
  • All decisions concerning the returned products’ condition and whether the return meets the above criteria will be made by the retailer receiving the returned product
  • All costs of the return, such as mailing, courier, etc. must be paid by the customer
  • Any qualifying returns will be paid at the actual price paid by the customer to the retailer less any discounts, rebates or similar promotions (including the 20% promotion) received by customer.
  • This promotion is in addition to any other warranty or return rights applicable

For questions contact D&M Europe at the following address:
Beemdstraat 11, 5653 MA Eindhoven, The Netherlands or email HEOS90days@dmglobal.com

DISCLAIMERS D&M shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature howsoever caused, sustained by any Participant under this promotion. D&M shall not be liable for any failure to fulfil this offer where such failure is caused by any supervening circumstances amounting to force majeure being an event(s) which, without the fault of either party, renders performance impossible or incapable of satisfactory execution. D&M reserves the right to void, amend, and/or change this promotion at any time and change the conditions without incurring any liability whatsoever.


DATA Where applicable any data captured during the course of the promotion will be collated, accessed, processed and stored wholly in accordance with applicable local Data Protection Laws and Regulations. If Participants do not wish for their contact information to be used for marketing purposes or to enable D&M to contact them in future regarding similar promotions, they should check the relevant “opt-out” box when completing the claim form.

LAW AND JURISDICTION These terms and conditions and any disputes arising out of or in connection with them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands and will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Netherlands courts.