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    What type of cleaner would you prefer?

    Here you can choose what type of cleaner you would prefer.

    Upright Cleaner - Upright vacuum cleaners are often great at picking up pet hair, quickly covering large areas of floor and often have larger capacities than cylinder vacs. But they can be heavy and difficult to clean your stairs with - so is an upright vacuum for you?

    Good at picking up pet hair
    Easier to store than cylinders if you have the space
    Quick at covering large areas of floor
    Often have larger capacities than cylinders
    Can be noisy
    Heavier than cylinder vacs
    More difficult to use on stairs

    Cylinder Cleaner
     - Cylinder vacuum cleaners can be light, have a long reach and are well suited for cleaning both stairs and hard-to-reach places. But they can be a pain to store away tidily and they're generally not as good at picking up pet hair as uprights - so do you need a cylinder vac?

    Lighter and more compact than upright vacuum cleaners
    Better for tackling stairs, upholstery, under furniture and in hard-to-reach areas
    More reliable overall than upright vacs (according to our latest vacuum cleaner reliability survey)
    Usually quieter
    The hose section can be difficult to store tidily
    Generally not as good at picking up pet hair
    Can be more difficult to control and manoeuvre
    Tend to have larger motors than uprights, making them more inefficient

  • Upright Cleaner
  • Cylinder Cleaner

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